Me and my husband have been going to him for the last nine years. We fully trust him for any medical advice and treatment he provides us. He is very caring and always has time to listen to our needs and concerns. Once my son is an adult, he will also be going to Dr. Ochaney. He is our family doctor for life!

I strongly recommend Dr. Ochaney! He has been my doctor for 16 years and will remain my doctor for the rest of my life!!! He is compassionate and highly intelligent! He is committed to all his patients and their good health is his passion! I trust my life in his care, he has proven to me over and over his devotion to my care and I have seen his devoted care given to family and many other patients. I trust my life in his hands!

Vicki H.

I've been seeing Dr. Ochaney for 3 years and he is knowledgeable, caring and a joy to interact with. His office and staff are welcoming and professional. I trust his medical opinion and value his insight. If you are looking for a doctor that cares about you both as a patient and a person, you can't go wrong with Dr. Ochaney. The office hours are also great for people who work a day shift. I especially appreciate that he is happy to explain both a diagnosis and proposed treatment weighing the options to make you feel at ease with the decision.

Liz B.

Dr. Ochaney is very knowledgeable, caring, and professional. He has always provided me absolute best care. He treats the whole patient and listens to what his patients have to say. His staff is very efficient and friendly.

Alka S.

Dr Ochaney is an excellent physician. He takes the time to listen and explain to me the things I need to do to achieve my health goals. He has shown a level of care that I have not experienced in quite some time. Thank you!

Von M.

Dr. Ochany is amazing! His relationship with his patients is very important to him. He listens and doesn't rush. He's covers everything and always walks into the room with a smile. Wouldn't trade him for anything...

Patty W.

Dr. Ochaney is highly experienced and knowledgeable. He is kind and compassionate to his patients and is more than helpful. His staff is also kind and efficient. Dr. Ochaney knows what you need before you do and always remembers you and your healthcare status. He leaves no stones unturned and is on top of things more than any doctor I have ever been to or also had the pleasure to work with as well. When looking for a new physician, Dr. Ochaney will check off all your needs and you won't be disappointed but will walk out your first visit extremely happy and proud of your decision that you picked Dr. Ochaney as your new healthcare provider. It is a decision you will never regret! A 5 Star Doctor!

A very caring and understanding doctor. I recently moved out of state and travel back rather than switch physicians.

Dr. Ochaney is a kind caring.and person. I highly recommend.

Dr. Ochanney has been my PCP for serval years now. My last PCP retired after seeing him for 15 years. Dr. Ochanney was highly recommended by my last doctor. I have never liked to make changes to my PCP, especially after 15 years. I’m very pleased with Dr. Ochanney. I’m glad that I choose him as my new PCP. Dr. Ochanney is extremely knowledgeable in the medical field. He takes the time needed to listen to my health concerns, asks questions and provides excellent medical advice. I feel comfortable talking with Dr. Ochanney and have no doubts of his diagnosis when he treats me. Dr. Ochanney cares and has an excellent bedside manner His office staff is outstanding as well. Dr. Ochanny’s nurse is wonderful and always makes me feel comfortable and understands my health concerns too. His administrative assistance is readily available to answer the phone. I’m not put on hold when I call Dr. Ochanney’s office, unlike other doctors’ offices. His administrative assistance works with me on scheduling appointments in the timeframe I need. As well as handling my prescriptions refills in a timely manner. I recommended Dr. Ochanney to my husband and several other family members. My family members are completely happy with him too. I highly recommend Dr. Ochanney to anyone!!!

I've been using Dr. Ochaney for over 17 years. He is very Professional, Humble, Patient and kind. He takes time to listen to me and always prescribes the correct medication and follows-up on my progress. I would highly recommend Dr. Mahesh Ochaney to anyone. He is the best doctor ever and I'm 100% at peace with him.

Dr. Mahesh Ochaney is by far one of the best physicians I’ve been to in a very long time. I have recently left my primary doctor for a few reasons. The staff was incompetent and never did what they said they would do. They would lie about sending in refills and didn’t give the doctor the information I asked to be given to him. They were rude and really a waste of space There was a huge turnover rate with the staff and even the new employees were not better than the last. I have switched to Dr. Ochaney recently and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have someone who actually cares about me and looks at all aspects of my Healthcare. He is thorough and the most competent and knowledgeable doctor I have ever been to. As a nurse, I have seen a lot of doctors and worked with more than I can count. Dr. Ochaney is top notch and there aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful he really is. He knows ahead of time when I am due for labs or tests to be performed. I even had my husband recently switch to Dr. Ochaney and he too is very impressed with his professionalism and competence. It is wonderful to know that someone will be there if and when I need them. As for his office staff, they are a refreshing change from what I have been used to. They are kind, competent and efficient in every way. The waiting room is never full and only once was I in the waiting room with one other person. I never wait longer than 5 minutes to be seen. They are incredibly efficient and I am happy I made the decision to change to Dr. Ochaney. I pay extra because he is not under my insurance plan but believe me he is worth every penny.

I have been a patient with Dr. Ochaney for many years and he is an excellent, caring doctor. He listens to your concerns and is very knowledgeable. I trust his decisions completely.


Mahesh S. Ochaney, M.D.


Based on 35 reviews


Marc Maffett

a year ago

      Dr. Ochaney is absolutely phenomenal, as are the people working for him! When he sees me, I feel like I have his full attention and concern for my whole well being. He and his staff are personable, professional and solution oriented. He referred me to an excellent specialist when I needed it. I couldn’t be any more pleased with the care I’ve been provided!


Irwin Mack

a year ago

      Moved in to Maryland about two years ago, found great reviews for Dr. Ochaney. I had to go and see for myself. Let me tell you, Dr. Ochaney is the best Dr. around. Very Caring, Considerate and Attention to details. He has become my best Primary Doctor.


Sue h

a year ago

      I’ve been with Dr. Ochaney for 21 years. He’s the best doctor that I’ve ever had. He listens to you without rushing through your appointment. He provides excellent care and suggestions with a great demeanor.


JoMarie Morales

a year ago

      Dr. Ochaney is one of the best doctors I have ever had. His staff is always pleasant and the office is always clean. I highly recommend his practice.


Satish Girotra

2 years ago

      Dr. Mahesh S. Ochaney doesn't practice in Columbia, MD. It is worth traveling a distance to get 5-star service with absolute best care. He is thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate. He listens to patients intently on every aspect. I have to say if I knew him before. I would have picked him decades ago. He referred me to top specialists who are aware of the latest technology implementation. I recommend him to anyone without a second thought, to take advantages of his services.


Shivaan Girotra

2 years ago

      Dr. Ochaney is one of the best primary care physicians I have ever met! He has been my dad's primary doctor for the past 5 years and I have never had a problem with him. Every time my dad and I come in for a doctors visit, I torment him with endless questions, yet he is always patient and answers all of them until I am satisfied. I couldn't ask for a better doctor for my dad. Thank you for all your help! You're the best!


Tiffany Smith

3 years ago

      I've been with Dr. Ochaney forever, at least it seems that way. When he left Wilkins Ave, I came with him from myside of town. He's akways been professional and very attentive; as well as his staff. Trying to get my husband to switch PCP.


Melissa Faulkner

3 years ago

      Dr. Ochaney is a very kind, professional and caring person. He is the first doctor I've seen in a long time who actually cares about his patients. Very grateful to have found him.


Rameshwor Dahal

3 years ago

      Dr. Ochaney is our PCP and we are glad we chose him. He is very professional, caring, friendly and helpful. His office provide us with flexible schedules for visits and the staff are friendly.


Melissa Regensburg

3 years ago

      Dr. Ochaney is a great doctor who listens to you and always tries to fix the problem. He is not pushy and truly cares about your health. His office staff is very friendly and it is always easy to get an appointment. I couldn't ask for a better doctor.



3 years ago

      Dr Ochaney has been my primary as well as my husband's foe several years. We have always felt the staff and Dr. O to be extremely helpful. I trust the medical advice received here and am willing to drive from long distant to keep seeing Dr. O.