What To Expect With Appointments During The First Phase

Dear Patients,

Hope this finds you all well.

We are excited to announce that Dr. Mahesh Ochaney will again see patients in our office as of July 13, 2020. We are also able to provide you services via telemedicine (video visit) if you would like to be seen from your home.
As we adjust our schedules and office flow to support recommendations by the CDC, we ask for your patience and understanding as we move through difference phases of reopening.
Here’s what you can expect from Mahesh Ochaney, M.D. during this first phase:

1. Our team will provide access to care while allowing for social distancing.
2. Patients and staff will be required to wear masks (cloth or surgical) while in the office unless asked to take them off by staff during appointment.
3. Medical grade air purifiers with H13 True HEPA filters have been installed in the entire office.
4. We have rearranged our waiting room and workspaces to help with social distancing.
5. If you need assistance during your visit, we ask that the person who brings you in waits in his/her car until your appointment is over to help us limit the number of people in the clinic at any one time.
6. If you have a caregiver who needs to attend the visit with you, he or she will also need to wear a mask. Please inform staff if this is the case.
7. Upon arrival, each patient (and caregiver, if there is one) will have their temperature taken and may be asked specific COVID-19 screening questions.
8. We will gather information through as many contactless ways as possible and will establish handwashing protocols for everyone.
9. We will communicate any changes as we move through this process. Please let us know the best way to share information with you.
If you are interested in finding out more about telehealth visits or scheduling a telehealth appointment, please reach out to someone in our office at (410) 768-4700. If we determine that a video visit is best for you, we will provide instructions on how to prepare and begin a video visit.

We look forward to seeing you.


Mahesh Ochaney, M.D. and staff

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