Spring & Your Health: Common 8 Bug Bites For Spring

  1. Fire ants- stinging bite, painful, itchy red rash often on your legs.
  2. Black Widow Spider-their bite has two small puncture wounds. Bite is almost never life-threatening and most people recover within 24 hours with proper treatment.
  3. Ticks- avoid tall vegetation, use tick repellant, and perform tick checks after you’ve been outdoors. If you’ve had a tick bite remove the tick’s head and mouth completely with a pair of fine-tipped tweezers and cleanse the area. If you notice a distinctive bulls-eye rash or have a fever and joint pains over next few weeks see your doctor and get tested for Lyme disease.
  4. Fleas-They leaves small clusters of very itchy welts where they bite, often targeting the ankles and feet because of their proximity to the ground. Flea bites are not dangerous, but they can transmit disease.
  5. Honeybee- Most will leave you alone if you keep calm. Stinging kills them, so that’s their last resort.
  6. Wasps and hornets are more aggressive, especially if they are bothered. Their sting causes a large painful welt and may lead to a serious allergic reaction. Carry an EpiPen if you are known to be allergic.
  7. Mosquitoes- cause itchy, raised red bumps often on legs & arms. Avoid them with sprays, candles and mosquito nets. They carry diseases like West Nile, Zika, and malaria.
  8. Bedbugs- they cause clusters or lines of red welts that appear first on arms. They don’t spread disease but can get infected. Call a professional to take care of bed bugs.
  9. Brown recluse spider- bite can be a serious medical emergency. Attics, old barns, old sheds are favorite hangouts for them. Bites are not painful, but if you notice brownish-purple spots around the site, seek medical attention immediately.

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