Skincare Tips

The hot scorching sun with it’s high UV levels in summer is unforgiving to our skin. It is extremely important to protect our skin to keep it glowing and radiant all year round. Here are 10 health tips to keep your skin healthy.

1) Use “broad spectrum” sunscreens (SPF at least 30) that protects from both UVB and UVA rays. Apply at least 30 mins prior to going out and reapply every 2 to 3 hours after swimming or when sweating. Use sunscreen even on cloudy or cool days as damage from the sun’s rays can still occur.

2) Wear light-colored, light-weight clothing. Long sleeves, full pants provide an extra layer of protection.

3) Use hats with brims to protect your scalp, ears and neck.

4) Wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. This protects the sensitive skin around your eyes as well as against developing cataracts.

5) Avoid the sun in peak hours between 10am and 4pm when the sun is most intense with highest levels of UV radiation.

6) Protect children. Children younger than six months should not use sunscreen but should be protected from the sun’s rays with protective clothing and shade. Children six months or older should have sunscreen applied regularly when outdoors.

7) Perform regular skin checks. Look for any changes to moles, freckles or birthmarks. Check for new skin changes.

8) Avoid the use of tanning beds. Tanning beds produce harmful UVA and UVB rays, which increase the risk for skin cancer, including melanoma.

9) Remember some medications increase your skin sensitivity to the sun and make you more likely to burn in the sun. Some of these are antihistamines (benadryl); nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen; certain antibiotics, including bactrim or tetracycline; antidepressants; and some oral diabetic medications.

10) Lifestyle changes impact skin health. Quit smoking, use mild soaps, daily moisturizer, avoid hot showers (as they remove essential oils from the skin), eat healthy (fresh fruits and vegetables), drink plenty of fluids, minimize stress and sleep well.

Be summer savvy and have a great summer!

Disclaimer: The information is intended to provide general education for patients and their families. The information provided does not constitute medical or health care advice for any individual and is not a substitute for medical and other professional advice and service.

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