4 Reasons To Get Annual Medical Check-ups

1) Prevent health problems.

This is, in my opinion, the most important of all reasons for an annual physical. Physicals help identify any new changes or risk factors which could lead to future medical illnesses that can be managed with healthy choices and changes in lifestyle. Basically, it’s nipping any health problem in the bud.

2) Strengthen the relationship between you and your doctor.

Patients who have a trusting relationship with their doctor get the best healthcare. Patients are more open with physicians they trust, which in turn allows the physician to get as much information from the patient and diagnose problems with greater accuracy. Patients are more willing to see a physician they trust when they have any health issues.

3) Establish baselines.

Regular physical exams help establish baselines for weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. These baselines help your physician monitor any progression or improvements in your health problems.

4) Save money.

When you see your doctor regularly, chances are your doctor can identify problems at an early stage before they become more serious. This helps reduce the cost of future medical bills.

Remember, the best medicine is preventive medicine. Schedule your physical today.

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